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At The Rug Experts, you get a committed team of professionals with the expertise of generations. We’ve been in the carpet and rug industry since its beginnings in Turkey and have accumulated a wealth of knowledge that ensures your rug is handled in the right way.

Does your rug need to be cleaned?

We’re the first to admit that just by looking at your rug it’s difficult to tell if it needs to be cleaned. However, minute particles of dirt and grime build up and shorten the lifespan of all rugs, especially antiques.

In fact, with each person that walks onto your rug the dust and other particles are pressed deeper into the strand and fibres causing them to become compressed and then stick to one another, accelerating the wear and tear.

Our experience tells us that you should have your rugs or carpets professionally cleaned once every two years. We also recommend you rotate the rug every year so the foot traffic is shared evenly over its surface.

Hand Cleaning The Rug Experts

Care for most delicate and expensive rugs.

Our Famous cleaning process

It’s important to know that not all cleaning methods are the same. In fact, some can permanently damage your rug and some methods can even affect your health.  At the Rug Experts we go through a comprehensive process that includes the following stages:

Stage 1 :
We separate the handmade from the machine-made rugs and carpets. This is vital as handmade rugs are more sensitive and need extra care when being cleaned.

Stage 2:
We check for past repairs or restoration work – as well as any current damage – to minimise the risk of any further damage.

Stage 3:
We remove dust and foreign objects from the rug using a Rug Dusting Machine* (if suitable). Alternatively, we use specialised vacuum cleaners.

Stage 4:
We then test for ‘colour fastness’. If the colours are found to run, we use special methods.

Stage 5:
We then check to see if there are areas that are more soiled than others, or if there are stains on the rug. If necessary we pre-treat those areas before the actual cleaning begins. (It’s important to note that some stains, like pet stains, may not be able to be removed as the process involved may permanently change the colours of the wool.)

Stage 6:
We neutralise smells and pet odours using materials that will not damage the rug or carpet.

Stage 7:
Rugs and carpets are then hand washed with one of several methods depending on their type, age, colour fastness and thickness.

Stage 8:
After hand washing, it’s important  to remove the excess water, so the rug is dried using the Spin Dryer. We then take the rug to our drying room where the rug’s moisture levels are tested each day until completely dry.

* The Rug Dusting Machine allows for all foreign materials to be shaken off your rug. The technique causes no damage to the rug and helps it regain its original softness as well as giving it more of a shine.
It powerfully but gently shakes loose any dry, heavy, damaging soil & sediment trapped both in the foundation and in between the rug fibres themselves.

The Rug Dusting Machine gently at work.
The results of the Rug Duster's work - this soil & sand was in the fibres.
Rug Cleaning Experts
Rug Cleaning Experts

To find out more about how we can clean your rug or carpet, or to make a time to bring in your rug or arrange a pick-up, contact our friendly customer service team on 1300 166 266 today.