Rug Repairs and Rug Restoration
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Rug Repairs and Restoration

A Professional Art, Passed Through The Generations.

Rug repairs and restoration should always be performed by experienced craftsmen; those who have studied the methods and implemented the intricate processes for many years.

At the Rug Experts, this kind of work is in our blood. Our family has repaired and restored antique and valuable rugs for decades, bringing them back to their former glories. We understand that the method of restoration needs to be consistent with the original make-up of the rug to maintain its beauty and durability.


Our team of experts consistently restores and repairs both minor and major damages. From large holes, to irregularities in colour or thickness of strand, we restore each rug in the style of its original design.


There are a few simple reasons as to why you should repair your rugs.

  1. They will last longer – a damaged rug will deteriorate at a rapid rate
  2. They will increase in value – a carpet woven by hand with natural colours, and in good condition, will increase in value.
  3. They will remain works of art – antique rugs (those created over 100 years ago) are highly valued pieces of art with cultural significance. Keep them that way.


Here are some points to consider when contemplating a repair or restoration job:

  • You should repair the small things – if you notice a small irregularity, it’s best to repair it then. Otherwise, it soon becomes a bigger and more expensive problem.
  • Look around – the sides and the edges should be regularly checked for ripping or tearing. At the first sign of this, get it seen to by our professionals.
  • Humidity matters – humidity causes rugs to maintain an excess of moisture, that in-turn causes rotting and decay. We recommend that if you live in high humidity areas such as Sydney, that you air your rugs regularly to reduce the amount of moisture.
  • Woven tightly – rugs that have been woven with a tight loom tend to wear out quickly. Restoration can rectify this.
  • Symmetry rules – most rugs and carpets are governed by the rules of symmetry. This makes it easier for experienced restorers to reweave missing sections.