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Choosing an Area Rug for your Room

Choosing an Area Rug for your Room

Area Rugs – what a great opportunity to style your room!

Purchasing a Rug for a particular space, whether that be for your home or office, needs some consideration about what part you want the rug to play in the room.

Do you want it to provide warmth, be a decorative / artistic piece, frame a piece of furniture or define a space?  Whatever reason it is, a rug will speak volumes about the room and give it a new lease of life for very little effort.   

A Rug enhances the personality of a room, without saying a thing - Ali Boge

When you are looking for a rug, there are 2 key points to consider: Size and Colour / Pattern


Size of a Rug

Firstly you need to decide where the rug will go and what happens in that room on a daily basis, and how the furniture is arranged. Consider these points:

  • ensure the rug is not too small. A rug should fit under all the main pieces of furniture. If they can not all fit, ensure the front legs of the main pieces are on the rug – backs legs can be off.
  • if you are considering using the rug to help divide the room  and create spaces for sitting and eating or a quiet reading area, give thought to the colours and size of the area you want to section off
  • the rule of thumb for a rug in an average size room, is for the rug to have 25-50cm of bare floor space between the rug edge and the wall. It can be a smaller margin, but ensuring that the rug is centred and the margin is equal n each side


Colours – how bold are you?

If you are wanting to make a statement, or create a talking piece about the magnificent piece of art on your floor, then a rug is the perfect way to introduce life into the room.  Especially when a rug has a history or story behind it. Whether that be where it is made, how it is made or the pattern that may tell a story. Everyone loves the opportunity to hear the history of something dear to you.

A couple of points to consider:

  •  if you decide on a bold pattern, don’t cover it up with furniture so that the design is lost
  • if you have an unusual size room, you may want toe consider a custom designed rug pattern and size


Our Showroom could be the start of your journey!

We have a beautiful showroom in Earlwood, showcasing magnificent hand made and machine made works of art. We also custom make rugs to your own colour palate, size and design.
For a sample viewing of some of our rugs, please see our Gallery.….. but we would be honoured to show you around in person. Call us on 1300 166 266


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If you are unsure how to care for your rug, please contact us. Or T: 1300 166 266