Media History

Over the years we’ve been featured in the media – for all the right reasons! Here are a few snippets from the past…

Daily Mirror, Friday December 9, 1983 page 29.

Rug Cleaning Sydney

It was titled ‘GETTING INTO THE ACT‘: Ali Böge, left, and Robert Quinn with camels Wendy and Sparky.
This photograph was taken outside the Powerhouse Museum in Ultimo where the Oriental Rug Exhibition was held under the auspices of the Oriental Rug Association of NSW.

The whole purpose of this article was to highlight the alternate uses of rugs and carpets. The idea behind the camels and character dressing was to relive the spirit of Marco Polo and the mystical Middle East camel caravans and present a cross-section of the rug industry, emphasising the artistic and practical side of rug-making rather than the commercial side.

Weekend Australian, March 12-13, 1983 page 10.

Rug Cleaning Sydney

Ali Böge is eagerly repairing a rug.

It also appeared in the Daily Mirror on Friday December 9, 1983, page 85.

Australian Home Beautiful, March 1983, page 20

Rug Cleaning Sydney

This photograph shows a rug being restored by two craftsmen, Ali Böge and Ahmet Solak.

Rug Cleaning Sydney

A rug being restored by Ali Böge.

Medical Practice, October 1986.

Rug Cleaning Sydney

Ali Böge and his cousin Ahmet Solak restoring a rug.

HighlifeCountry Life in the Southern Highlands of Australia, February/March 2007, page 67.

Rug Cleaning Sydney

One of the many times we have appeared in magazines.

TRT International TV – March 2013.

Rug Cleaning Sydney

A scene from our appearance on TRT International TV channel for the Anatolian Turkish Festival in March 2013.